Ensemble Musica Rara

The Musica Rara (Rare Music) Ensemble was founded in 1987 in Milan with the name of Ensemble Giovanile Ambrosiano by Maestro Italo Lo Vetere. It is composed of talented musicians who work with important ltalian musical institutions. The ensemble was created in Milan within the association Musica Rara (Rare Music), il has been perfonning in Milan since the year ofits foundation and it is also active in important Italian musical institutions.
In 1993, after Maestro Lo Vetere’s death the Association decided to rely on to Maestro Arnold Bosman, for the music direction. This decision led to an improvement on their reperto ire and to research into the stili almost unknown eighteenth-century repertoire.
Many audio and video recordings of Johann Adolf Hasse and Giovanni Cristiano Bach already belonged to this research study and were reviewed in specialized magazines.
The Ensemble has performed at the Santa Cecilia Accademy in Rome, in Florence at the Amici della Musica, in Bologna at the association Conoscere la musica and in many other theatres. They have held concerts at tbe Mozart Festival in Rovereto, at the association Amici della Musica in Sondalo, at the Musical Nights in Alghero, at the International Festival of Sorrento and at the Pergolesi Spontini Festival in Jesi. Musica Rara Ensemble performances, both by Hasse: “Marc’Antonio e Cleopatra” at Vallisa in Bari (november 2006) and “Don Tabarano” at Amici della Musica di Sondalo (march 2006) in Bormio were very successful.
Everywhere the critics have appreciated the ability of this orchestra and its conductor, Bosman (who died, before his time in February 2005) to offer refined performances, historically relevant and suitable to the musical language of the era the pieces belonged to.

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