Associazione Musica Rara

L'Associazione Musica Rara (Association for Rare Music) was founded in 1987 in Milan by the Italian Maestro, Italo Lo Vetere. He was a pianist, researcher, composer, teacher and director and he animated the Association with his passionate enthusiasm for 15 years. He introduced many innovative but yet rigorous concepts. He formed and directed the 'Ensemble Giovanile Ambrosiano (Ambrosian Youth Ensemble) which later became the Ensemble Musica Rara) with the intention to create an opportunity for new, young talented musicians to perform.
After his death in 1994, the Association entrusted the musical direction to Maestro Arnold Bosman. He initiated a greatly appreciated research into the lesser known music of the early 18th century. Consequently the repertoire of the Ensemble was greatly expanded, and these rare compositions were brought to the attention of musicologists and music lovers These ?new' works were enthusiastically received and gradually captivated an ever increasing audience.

A large number of recordings and DVDs have been produced and have received favourable reviews in specialized and influential publications. Johann Adolf Hasse e Johann Christian Bach are the principal composers.
Musica Rara have been featured on the programmes of the Academy of St. Cecilia in Rome, the Friends of Music of Florence, Knowing Music in Bologna, and at the Mozart Festival in Rovereto. Two new productions of Mozart and Hasse have been presented to the “Friends of Music” in Sondalo.

Ultimo concerto
Monday 27 May 2013 ore 20:30
Circolo "A. Volta" - Via G. Giusti 16 - Milano
Claudio Soviero, Pianoforte
Antonio Zanoletti, voce recitante
Prossimo concerto
Non ci sono in previsione concerti